• 8th Grade Homework

    Google Classroom Code:5zktbbo

    Week of April 6-9
    ELA (Hemond) -  Study for test on Flowers for Algernon.Complete Direct Object and Indirect object worksheet and ed puzzle on Do and Io.
    Science (Gutai)- Heredity and traits guided notes and ed puzzle on heredity. 
    History (Sonntag)-  Complete Ed puzz Trail of Tears and 10.4 guided notes. 

    Math (Keppel)-Worksheet on solving multi step equations 
     ELA (Hemond) - PSSA packet with TDA.
    Science (Gutai)- complete the Nearpod plants.
    History (Sontag)- Madison video quiz
    Math (Keppel)- Worksheet 1 step equations. 
    ELA (Hemond) - PSSA work
    Science (Gutai)- no homework

    History (Sonntag)-  Edpuzzle
    Complete 10.1 Guided Notes (Individually)... 10.1 Guided Notes and 10.1 Guided Notes COMPLETED are separate assignments. Please make sure you are completing your work.
    Math (Keppel)- 
    ELA (Hemond) -  Read pages  357-364 Flowers for Algernon. Answer comprehension questions. 
    Science (Gutai)-   PSSA lesson 13 and 14. 
    History (Sonntag)-Complete Edpuzzle - The Monroe Doctrine (Individually). Complete today.
    Complete 10.2 Guided Notes for Monday (Individually)... Due Sunday night.
    Math (Keppel)-  2 step equation worksheet. 
    ELA (Hemond) - 
    Science (Gutai)-  
    History (Sonntag)-   
     Math (Keppel)-