• Miss DeO 


    Phone #- x12130 and X12118


    Wellness & Fitness 

    Course Description:

    Wellness and Fitness will consist of physical activity as well as written health assignments.  Throughout the course students will be exposed to various types of physical activity and general fitness.These activities will improve fundamental motor skills, personal fitness levels, and group cooperation. They will also be learning about personal health, nutrition, mental/emotional wellness. These lessons will help students learn the importance of taking care of themselves and helping people around them.


    Students will be graded on the following criteria:

    • Participation & Skills Testes
    • Classwork and Homework  
    • Tests and Quizzes


    Specifically I want my students to learn the following:

    1. Learn and appreciate the benefits of nutrition and physical activity.
      2. Encourage others to participate in physical activity.
      3. Exhibit strong morals, values and character.


    Finally, participation is essential for success in Wellness and Fitness Class. Students will be exposed to many new types of physical activity and students that do not participate will lose the opportunity to learn the skills needed to properly participate in those activities. A student’s final grade will be affected greatly if they do not participate. Excessive absenteeism creates a large problem with learning academic success. A student who misses more than five days in a marking period will be required to make up participation points with written assignments.

    • What is Remind?
      Remind is a notification system that will send SMS text, email, or push notifications out to staff, students, and parents.  It can also incorporate information from resources such as Google Classroom.  Unlike SwiftK12, which we use for Snow Days and such, Remind is designed to provide messaging power down to the classroom level.  Teachers can get important information out to the relevant stakeholders.  For everyone's safety, all communications are logged and archived. 
      For an overview of how to use Remind, please view the links below: 
  • CASD Continuity of Education Plan & FERPA Notice for Virtual Learning


    As a part of our transition to online learning, we are keeping in mind the cognitive load that teachers and students can productively manage in terms of instruction, work, and screen time. Additionally, we understand the challenges associated with at-home remote/distance learning: shared devices, family work schedules, children caring for younger siblings, etc. For this reason, the Catasauqua Area School District Continuity of Education plan was designed with flexibility in mind. CASD will utilize a combination of frequent communication, asynchronous learning, synchronous learning, and live office hours and/or check-ins to provide standards-aligned planned instruction, enrichment and review, and serve the needs of our students. 

    Please click here to access the CASD Continuity of Education Plan 

    Please click here to access the CASD FERPA Notice for Virtual Learning

    • The district will provide each student a district-owned iPad that can access online curriculum.

      The iPads are for student use only to complete educational activities. The iPads have been configured for school use only and have internet filtering capabilities. Please be aware of this and continue to monitor your child's use of the iPad. There is no access to the App Store or Apple ID. All apps are pushed out through the district management system. Apps can be found in the Self Service appimages/download/thumbnails/18796645/Icon_Self_Service_for_macOS.png

      iPads are filtered when at home. Federal law requires having filtering enabled for all student devices. Please monitor student usage at home and report any issues using the IT Help form. 

      Important Reminder:

      • Be sure to adhere to the CASD agreement that you signed when you picked up your iPad
      • Agreement:  

      How to connect the iPad to home wifi

        1. Tap the Settings icon.
        2. Tap Wi-Fi.
        3. Confirm that Wi-Fi is set to On.
        4. Choose your network from the list provided.
        5. Enter your network's encryption key if you're prompted and tap Join.
        6. Tap On to automatically join networks your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has joined previously. If it detects a network it doesn't recognize, it will ask you before it automatically joins the network.
        7. Tap the Home button to return to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch home page.

      Common iPad Troubleshooting tips:

      1. If iPad is not working properly, please shut the iPad off by holding the on/off/sleep button at the top right corner of the iPad, keep holding the button until a slider appears on the screen, move the Slide to power off slider all the way to the right. Restarting the iPad resolves many issues.iPads should not be plugged in at all times
      2. iPad not charging- check the connection to iPad and outlet. If possible, use another Apple authorized charger
      3. iPad running slow- Double tap the Home button and swipe up on each open app to close it.
      4. If sharing an iPad and iPad is logged into another Google account- Go to Google Classroom or Google Drive and find the student icon in the corner. Tap on the icon, and then tap on “Manage accounts on this device”. Next, Remove the other account from the device and enter your own credentials
      5. Cannot find an app needed for student learning- click on the Self Service app images/download/thumbnails/18796645/Icon_Self_Service_for_macOS.pngand locate the appropriate app. 
      6. Apps update automatically but it's important to keep current with iOS updates. Current iOS 13.4 (Settings- General- Software Update)

      Reminders for iPad usage at home:

      1. Do complete iOS updates as needed, (Settings- General- Software Update)
      2. Do not change iPad passcode. Each iPad has a passcode specific for the student to promote secured access. 
      3. Do not complete a factory reset iPad. If needed, please complete the IT Help form and a member from the technology department will be in contact with you. 
      4. Do not eat or drink while using the iPad. CASD warranty with AppleCare will be voided if the iPad comes in contact with liquid which may result in a replacement fee for the parent/guardian.
      5. Apple reccommended cleaning instructions
        1. Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting moisture in openings. Don't use window cleaners, household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, abrasives, or cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide to clean iPad. iPad has an oleophobic coating on the screen; simply wipe iPad's screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands. 
      Tech Help Desk- after reviewing and completing the appropriate iPad Trouble Shooting tips and still having issues, please complete this IT Help form for any questions, issues, and repairs. This form will be monitored from 8-4:00 PM Monday through Friday. You will receive a response as soon as possible.