• Math Program: Savvas Realize- Envision Mathematics Common Core

    The textbook can be accessed through Clever. Students need to click on the "Savvas Realize" icon and it will bring them to the website where the book is located. Students will be completing assignments on Savvas through Google Classroom throughout the year. 


    Units of Study:

    • Unit 1: Use Positive Rational Numbers
    • Unit 2: Integers and Rational Numbers
    • Unit 3: Numeric and Algebraic Expressions
    • Unit 4: Represent and Solve Equations and Inequalities
    • Unit 5: Understand and Use Ratio and Rate
    • Unit 6: Understand and Use Percent
    • Unit 7: Solve Area, Surface Area, and Volume Problems
    • Unit 8: Display, Describe, and Summarize Data


    Grading Policy:

    The math grade is divided into 3 different sections including but not limited to: 

    • Assessments (60%):
      • Tests, Take-home tests, Projects
    • Classwork/Homework (20%):
      • Assignments given for students to complete outside of instruction
    • Other (20%):
      • End of lesson quizzes, Exact Path assignments


    Math lessons typically last 1-2 days. Day one involves direct instruction and individual or group practice. Day two will consist of additional practice follwed by a lesson quiz.