• Mission Statement

    • The mission of the Catasauqua Area School District, in partnership with our community, is to achieve educational excellence and promote lifelong learning.

      (As approved by the Catasauqua Area School Board)



      • We believe our first priority is to provide a nurturing environment for every student to succeed as a productive, responsible member of our society.
      • We believe a safe environment is created when there is an understanding and respect for diversity in all its forms.
      • We believe a quality school system encompasses effective communication and cooperation among students, staff, school board members, families, and the community.
      • We believe that in an ever-changing society, we must promote the understanding of the need for life-long learning.
      • We believe the educational system must continuously re-examine its purpose, programs, curriculum, and direction to meet the many challenges in society.
      • We believe parents, teachers, and students share with the community the responsibility to educate and empower all students to make intellectual, ethical, and socially acceptable decisions.
      • We believe excellence in education requires a commitment to responsible expenditures of time, effort, and money from the entire community.
      • We believe excellence in learning is a result of high expectations and a strong work ethic.
  • Mr. L.'s Class Guidelines

    1. Believe in yourself.

    2. Try your best.

    3. Come prepared for class: textbook, notebook, homework and a pen or sharpened pencil.

    4. Be kind to yourself and others.

    5. Talk and share at an appropriate noise level.

    6. Gum chewing is not permitted.

    7. Respect others' property.

    8. Be responsible for your own personal space and items, and return items to the correct place.

    9. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    10.  Raise your hand to share what's on your mind.


    You are expected to follow these guidelines stated here and also by the Catasauqua Middle School Parent-Student Handbook. 



    Disciplinary consequences will be followed fairly along with Catasauqua School District Discipline Policy according to the Catasauqua Middle School Parent-Student Handbook.