• PATHS: Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies

    PATHS® Program Objectives and Goals

    The PATHS® program is an elementary school curriculum that has been shown to significantly improve children's social and emotional skills. Social and emotional competence is a master skill that underlies both effective behavior and academic success.

    The PATHS program covers these five domains of social and emotional development:

    • self-control
    • emotional understanding
    • positive self-esteem
    • relationships
    • interpersonal problem-solving skills.


    Educational Objectives and Goals for Preschool/Kindergarten

    The PATHS Preschool/Kindergarten classroom module specifically addresses the following goals:

    1. To increase children's self-control

    2. To increase children's ability to get along with others by improving friendship skills (sharing, caring, and other social skills)

    3. To increase children's self-esteem, self-confidence, and the ability to give and receive compliments

    4. To increase children's understanding and communication of the vocabulary of emotions (verbal mediation and dialoguing about feelings with others)

    5. To help children recognize and understand how one's behavior affects others

    6. To increase children's understanding and use of logical reasoning and problem-solving vocabulary

    7. To improve children's knowledge of, and skill in, the steps of social problem solving