Language Arts


    Language Arts

    Kindergarten will be utilizing the McGraw-Hill Wonders Language Arts program.  This kindergarten program consists of ten units and themes. Each unit emphasizes letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and handwriting skills.  An assessment will be given at the end of each unit. We introduce the program with the Start Smart unit.          



         Listening Comprehension


         High-Frequency Words

         Phonemic Awareness


         Concept Words


    Ten Units/Themes: 


    *    Start Smart

    Letters/Sounds- alphabet introduction A-Z

    High-Frequency Words- I, can



    *    Unit 1- Take a New Step

    Letters/Sounds- Mm  Aa Ss

    High-Frequency Words- the, we, see



    *    Unit 2- Let's Explore

    Letters/Sounds- Pp  Tt

    High-Frequency Words- a, like



    *    Unit 3- Going Places

    Letters/Sounds- Ii  Nn Cc

    High-Frequency Words- to, and, go



    *    Unit 4- Around the Neighborhood

    Letters/Sounds- Oo  Dd

    High-Frequency Words- you, do



    *    Unit 5- Wonders of Nature

    Letters/Sounds- Hh  Ee Ff Rr

    High-Frequency Words- my, are, with, he



    *    Unit 6- Weather for All Seasons

    Letters/Sounds- Bb  Ll Kk 

    High-Frequency Words- is, little, she, was



    *    Unit 7- The Animal Kingdom

    Letters/Sounds- Uu  Gg Ww Xx Vv

    High-Frequency Words- for, have, of, they, said, want



    *   Unit 8- From Here to There

    Letters/Sounds- Jj  Qq Yy Zz

    High-Frequency Words- here, me, this, what



    *    Unit 9- How Things Change

    Letters/Sounds- Long Vowels-Aa, Ii, Oo

    High-Frequency Words- help, too, has, play, where, look



    *    Unit 10- Thinking Outside the Box

    Letters/Sounds- Long Vowels- Uu  Ee

    High-Frequency Words- good, who, come, does