Grade 1/ Room 114


                                  Welcome to Mrs.Rich's Web Site     

      Hello, my name is Marcia Rich. I have been a teacher at Sheckler for more years then I care to admit. In my experience as a teacher I have found that all children love to learn. Each child's potential is valued and supported in my classroom. Parents, you are the first teachers of your children, we the teachers at Sheckler expand upon the good foundation you have started. So as we venture together through your child's first full year of school, remember to stop and enjoy each new milestone in their development. Working together your children will reach their potential. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your child becoming a life long learner.

    Know that during these difficult times I am here to assist your child and you. Please feel free to contact me through my email or Class DoJo or by phone.

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                                     Mrs. Marcia R. Rich


                                    Room 114/ Ext 11114