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    Please see my new tab labeled "Google Classroom" for all things GC. This will be the online learning platform used by CASD starting on 4/14

     General Outline of Online Learning Plan begininning on 4/14
    For my Math and Social Studies classes:
    • Every week on a Monday morning I will be uploading Google Slides into my Google Classrooms. These slides will have an introduction, and then one slide for everyday of the school week. (Social Studies will have fewer slides.)  All assignments for the day will be listed on the slide with things such as the standard, a video clip, and any links to outside sources that are needed. Our remote learning is designed with flexibility in mind. Students can work at their own pace, as long as they turn any required assignments in by the end of the day Sunday.
    • I will have office hours every Tuesday & Thursday for each class. These hours will be held by ZOOM. The schedule looks like this:
    • Tuesday & Thursday
    • Math Periods                1-2      10:00-10:20
    • Math Periods                3-4      10:30-10:50
    • Social Studies Period   5          11:30-11:50 
    • Social Studies Period   6          12:00-12:20
    Please understand that although I have office hours posted, I am available outside of those hours to help you. If you or your child, has any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. Office hours begin Thursday April16th.



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