• Welcome to Catasauqua Middle School


    850 Pine Street

    Catasauqua, PA 18032

    Phone: 610-264-4341

    Fax: 610 264-5458


    Dr. Carey Pammer, Principal
    Mrs. Kimberly Mooney, Assistant Principal


    The mission of Catasauqua Middle School is to provide our students with a meaningful learning experience in a safe and supportive environment in order that they can develop into productive and responsible young adults.


    • We believe that students, parents, teachers, and the community share the responsibility to educate and empower all students to make intellectually, ethically, socially, and physically acceptable decisions.
    • We believe that in response to an ever-changing society, we must promote life-long learning.
    • We believe excellence in learning is a result of high expectations, a strong work ethic, and a collaborative partnership between home, school, and community.
    • We believe that the middle school must continuously re-examine its purpose, programs, curriculum, and direction to meet the many challenges in society.
    • We believe that the middle school, in developing our students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as their social and emotional maturity, must stringently bridge the foundations laid down in elementary school to the demands and decisions our students will face in high school and beyond.
    • We believe in the importance of developing stable, close, and mutually respectful relationships between students, staff, and parents to foster an understanding of and an appreciation for diversity in the learning environment.
    • We believe that providing a safe, supportive, and structured environment will encourage our students to become positive contributing members of our society.