Community Education

  • CASD is in collaboration with Lehigh Carbon Community College to offer community education classes for our community as well as other local communities. Community Education Classes will be offered in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.

    Please click on the CASD/LCCC link on the left.

    To Register for a class, please choose from the options below. 

    Do not call Catasauqua Area School District, all registrations need to be placed through LCCC. 

        a) Go to

    Select the appropriate category, 
        c) Click on the course name 
       d) Select the appropriate class and location
        e) Add courses to the list (+) add to schedule builder either drag and drop the class to your schedule, or hover over the class to display the icons to either view the class details or add it to your schedule
        f) Click Register, sign in or create a new account

    For online registration instructions-
    For registration assistance, contact LCCC's enrollment office: 610-799-1197

    No registrations will take place through Catasauqua Area School District