CHS 1:1

  • Catasauqua High School 1:1 iPad Initiative

    Transforming Classroom Teaching and Learning

    Project Goal: To prepare Catasauqua Area School District students to live, work, and thrive in a digital world.

    In order to achieve this educational goal, we need to transform our traditional model of teaching and learning. The CHS iPad initiative will provide all students with equal access to technology every day while in school and at home. With a consistent learning tool for all students in every classroom, teachers possess the ability to upgrade their instructional practices by integrating technology into daily learning activities in meaningful ways that will result in increased student efficiency, productivity, engagement, motivation, and inspiration.

    Project Description:

    The 1:1 Apple iPad initiative aims to empower students by creating a personalized, student-centered learning environment where every student has an iPad to use both in school and at home. The 1:1 initiative will afford all high school teachers the opportunity to design technology based learning activities utilizing web tools and software that will effectively prepare students for success in college and career. Students will leverage technology tools and applications inside and outside of the classroom to learn how to effectively communicate, collaborate, create, analyze, and contribute as a productive individual, member of a small group and learning community.

    Implementation Team:

    Robert Spengler, Superintendent
    Christina Lutz-Doemling, Director of Curriculum & Assessment
    Kathleen Kotran, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Federal Programs & Community Education
    Wayne Karess, Network Manager
    David Ascani, High School Principal

    Communication Plan

    • District Website
    • CHS Facebook Page
    • PowerAnnouncement

    Safety & Security

    • Network Access & Security
    • Device Management
    • Acceptable Use Policy

    Curriculum & Pedagogy

    • Authentic Learning Experiences
    • Enhanced Formative Assessment

    Professional Development

    • SAMR Model
    • Pedagogy Wheel
    • Lesson/Unit Planning


    • District self-insured devices
    • Deductibles for damage, theft, loss


    • Inventory
    • Imaging
    • Orientation & iPad Distribution

    Assessment & Evaluation

    • Student Perception Data
    • Teacher Perception Data
    • Administrative Walk Through Data
    • Classroom Observation Data
    • Attendance Data
    • Discipline Data
    • Achievement Data