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    A list of home education resources is provided to assist parents/guardians in developing and delivering a fulfilling home education experience. Prior to commencing a home education experience, the following documents must be provided to the Director of Curriculum & Assessment at the District Office:  

    • An affidavit for each child you will be homeschooling when he or she is between the ages of 8 to 17. You must file an affidavit when you begin the home education program and annually thereafter by August 1st.
    • Attachments to the affidavit must include an outline of educational objectives arranged by subject matter, evidence that the child has been immunized in accordance with the provisions of law and evidence that the child has received the health and medical services required for students of the child's age or grade level.
    • A medical examination and comprehensive health appraisal are required: 1) when beginning the home education program, 2) while enrolled in 6th grade, 3) while enrolled in 11th grade, and 4) when he/she is issued a farm or domestic service permit.
    • Dental examinations are required: 1) when beginning the home education program, 2) while enrolled in 3rd grade, 3) while enrolled in 7th grade, 4) when he/she is issued a farm or domestic service permit.

    Standardized Testing

    Standardized testing is required for home education students in grades 3, 5, and 8. A nationally normed standardized achievement test or the PSSA is acceptable. The results of these assessments must be maintained in the home education portfolio.

    Home Education Portfolio & Evaluation

    The law requires that each home education student be interviewed and their portfolio reviewed by a qualified home education evaluator each school year. The evaluator’s written certification that an appropriate education is occurring must be submitted by the home education supervisor to the superintendent of the student’s district of residence by June 30 of each school year.

    Yearly Evaluation Requirements

    The evaluation of the student's educational progress must be annual and written. The evaluation must be based on an interview of the child and a review of the portfolio and accompanying documentation. The evaluation must certify whether an appropriate education is occurring.

    An appropriate education is defined in 24 P.S. § 13-1327.1(a) as:

    -          A program consisting of instruction in the required subjects (see the Home Education Curriculum subsection)

    -          The time required in this act (see the Portfolio – Tracking a Home Education Program subsection)

    -          The student demonstrates sustained progress in the overall program

    Sustained progress in the overall program would indicate that the student is progressing through the mandatory courses such that the student will complete all mandatory courses during their current interval (elementary or secondary).

    Since no time can be recorded toward the mandatory hours or days until the affidavit is submitted to the school district (the affidavit begins the program), the evaluator can consult the notarized affidavit to determine the start date of the program if questions arise.

    Questions About Home Education

    For more information, explore the related files and related links at the bottom of this webpage. Please contact the Curriculum & Assessment Office with home education questions - 610.264.5571. 

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