Please contact the Guidance Office at 610-697-0123 to schedule an ENROLLMENT APPOINTMENT AND TO OBTAIN AN ENROLLMENT PACKET.
    An APPOINTMENT is necessary to enroll your new student. You must have officially transferred out of your previous school before your scheduled APPOINTMENT.
    The enrollment process will take approximately one (1) hour. It is requested that you bring the following required documents with you to your APPOINTMENT.
    You must bring this information with you from your former school:
    • Transfer Card
    • Copy of your Immunization Card
    • Copy of your last Report Card
    • Copy of your High School Transcript:
    • Copy or Special Education Records (if applicable)
    Please bring these additional documents with you when you ENROLL:
    • Original Birth Certificate
    • Parent/Guardian Photo Identification with current information
    • Proof of Residency Document (Mortgage/Lease/Tax Bill with your name on the document)
    • Utility bill (electric,heat,gas,phone,cable, etc...) mailed within the last 30 days.
    • Custody/Legal Guardianship Document if applicable
    Special Circumstances:
    If the student lives in a single parent household, the following additional items must be presented:
    • Notarized statement from the non-custodial parent acknowledging their child's enrollment at CHS. This statement must include the parent's full name, address, and telephone number. 
    • Custody papers
    If a child lives in a household without their parents, the following additional items must be presented:
    • Notarized "1302" sworn statement of Residency Form to be completed by the resident with whom the student will be residing.
    • Affidavit relinquishing custody of child/children to be completed by the parent(s).
    If a child is a Foster Child the following document must be presented:
    • Entrance certificate "1305/1306".