• Week of 4/13-4/18

    Tuesday (4/14) @ 5:00 pm

    Thursday (4/16) @ 5:00 pm

    Please e-mail me if you would like access to the Google Meet on either day and I will send you the invite.

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    One very important thing for our classes is that we will be using Canvas for all class activities at this time. All announcements, assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc. will take place on Canvas. Please make it a point to check Canvas on a daily basis (or at the very least early in the week) to see what assignments have been posted. My plan is to have all the information/assignments for the week posted on Monday morning. The process of online learning is going to be difficult to get used to at first. You will be responsible for figuring out what schedule works best for you, but please do not hesitate to ask questions through e-mail or during office hours.
    Thank you,
    Mr. Oswald
    **COVID-19 Update** 
    We will be shifting to more online specific learning and protocols so please keep up to date on the district's plan and precautions during this tough time.  I understand how difficult it can be right now and how limited our interactions must be with others but if we keep up to date on assignments and activities on Canvas and follow class instructions we will be able to accomplish the material that we need to.  Please see my COVID-19 Online Learning Plan page of this website for all links that you could or may need in the near future.
    April 9th, 2020 Update
    The Governor has announced that all schools will be closed throughout the remainder of the 2019-2020 School Year. It is more vital than ever that you keep up with your schoolwork on Canvas. Beginning on April 14th, we will be starting our 4th quarter with new assignments that will be graded as if you were attending a regular day of school. The plan is that you will have 30-45 minutes of work per class per day. Please do not wait until the last minute and think that you can get all of your work done. You may experience times where the internet or webpages crash due to the amount of activity on them. Do not worry if this is the case, give it some time to come back.