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M.Ed. In Counseling Psychology from Temple University

Kimberly Ceccatti

Welcome Ceccatti's Counseling Corner!

Like a box of crayons, our school is wonderfully diverse!  We celebrate our differences and learn from each other. **
So what does an elementary school counselor do? 
When family members ask me what I do, I usually say, "a little bit of everything!"  I follow CASD's K-12 Comprehensive School Counseling Program and the ASCA Model, which includes academic, social/emotional, and career standards.  These guide me in providing the best school counseling program I can to serve each student at Sheckler Elementary School.  While the list below is not all inclusive, it will give you and idea of some of the other things I do.
*Provide guidance lessons K-4 on the subject areas of bullying, conflict resolution and career exploration.
*Provide small group counseling for students 1st-4th grades on subjects ranging from anger management to stress management.  A permission slip will be coming home during the first few weeks of school for you review.  If you would like to sign up your student for a group, just return it to me.  Due to the large numbers of students who sign up for groups, it literally takes me all year to get through all the groups I offer.  Be assured that every student who signs up for a group, will be a part of one...sometimes it just requires a bit of patience until I get there.
If your student misplaces this permission form, just click on the link below, print out, fill out and send it into school.
*Provide individual counseling support for students who are experiencing a difficult time or conflict.  Please know that my individual support is not like a counselor or therapist outside of school.  My job is to support a student short-term to help them cope with what is going on, so that they can best succeed in the classroom.  If a student needs on-going counseling, I work with family members to find a counselor or psychologist who accepts your insurance to provide continual, long-term counseling for your child.
*I provide family members with different agency referrals, depending on the needs of the family.
*I work with students on academic planning and thinking ahead on career aspirations.
*I work with our Instructional Support Team at times when students need some specific interventions to help them be successful in the classroom.
*I am part of Sheckler's SAP (Student Assistance Program) team, which helps students and families with attendance, emotional and behavioral supports.
*I lead Sheckler's School-wide Anti-Bully Program (read more about that later).
*I serve on Sheckler's Think First committee to help ensure a positive school-wide climate.
I always say there is never such a thing as a "dumb question", so please feel free to call me at 610-264-5601 or email me at
I always enjoy hearing from family members, so call as you need!
**UPDATE FOR 4/9/20
Obviously the above information is how things roll when all is right with the world, but clearly that is NOT the case at this point in the school year.  As students learn about the news they will not be coming back to school, they may have a variety of emotions....all which are normal!  If you are concerned or need support in anyway, the best way to reach me is either through your child's google classroom account, where I posted a form you can fill out or you can email me.  Thank you for all your hard work and patience on the home end as we all transition to a new "normal" for the next few months.