• While there are many websites and resources that provide students with college and career information, most focus on achieving short-term success — college admission or finding work — rather than the critical connections between college and career readiness. 

    This guide highlights what navigators can do to nurture the critical connections young people must make between college and career readiness. Planning for future success requires an integrated approach that helps students understand their education and career options and what they must do to become prepared. This guide identifies action steps that young people can take to achieve their college and career goals. The knowledge and skills outlined in it are specific and teachable. 

    The guide is divided into three sections, each of which corresponds to one of the three areas of the framework: college readiness; career readiness; and college and career readiness. Simple concept maps and readiness charts help navigators understand the skills and knowledge students need to attain in each area and help them communicate with students about the ways in which career and college planning should be jointly addressed. 

    Cindy Evans
    Director of Youth Initiatives
    Workforce Board Lehigh Valley

    College and Career Navigator Guide