Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Haddad

My name is Tarik Haddad and this is my fourth year teaching, but my first year at Catasauqua Middle School. I teach five Science classes and one Social Studies class. I am also a wrestling coach at the high school. I enjoy spending time with family, fishing, and playing sports.

My classroom rules and expectations are very simple.

1. Respect- Respect is showing honor and politeness to someone or something. Respect me as your teacher, respect your peers as your classmates, and respect the classroom.

2. Responsibility- Responsibility is taking ownership and being accountable for your actions. Take responsibility of your assignments, actions, and your behavior.

3. Hard Work- Hard work is giving great effort and labor to accomplish a task. Real learning requires hard work. Do the best you can at everything! Work hard at studying, taking notes, experiments, and being a helpful classmate.

4. Have Fun- When respect is given, responsibilities are taken, and everyone is working hard together, fun happens! The classroom environment is then comfortable and learning becomes really enjoyable.