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PA 529 Information

KEYSTONE SCHOLARS - PA 529 Savings Program

Keystone Scholars jump starts educational savings by providing a $100 automatic, at-birth investment for every child born to a PA family on or after January 1, 2019.

Research shows that children with college savings in their name – even if that amount is modest – are three times more likely to pursue post-secondary education and four times more likely to graduate.

Keystone Scholars sets the expectation at birth for every child in Pennsylvania to pursue some form of post-high school education, including community college, technical training, and apprenticeships, and it encourages families to start saving on their own early in the child’s life.

Parents can then claim and register their account by entering a few pieces of information. Once registered, families may open their own companion PA 529 account and link their Keystone Scholars account to contribute to their savings journey.

Please see more information at the link below:
Keystone Scholars - PA 529