Week 1 (4/13-4/17)

Posted by Ashley Schmidt on 4/12/2020 12:00:00 PM

Good morning TAs, 
This week's TA assignment due by Friday, April 17th at 11:59 pmI am going to apologize ahead of time for the multiple emails. I forgot that Canvas Announcements generate an email. I will change that for next week. However, I will continue to email your parents if I do not receive your assignments by Friday.
This week, you are to follow the directions provided in Canvas to contact your supervising teacher via email. It is a short, quick email that puts the you in contact with your supervising teacher to ask how you can help support the teacher's efforts in the new learning environment. This will be a weekly assignment.
I have already seen some great responses from both the students and the teachers. You may copy my example email word-for-word or you may use it as a starting point to write your own.
In order to receive credit for completing this assignment I must be CC'd on the email. Directions on how to CC: me on the email are included in Canvas assignment. The assignment is worth 2% of your total marking period 4 grade. In other words, by not doing this assignment, the highest grade you can earn as a TA is a 98%.
Please email me if you have any questions (schmidta@cattysd.org). I hope that you and your family are all doing well and staying safe.
Ms. Schmidt