Final Notes

Posted by Ashley Schmidt on 5/31/2020

Hello TAs, 
Congratulations - this is your last week of online learning! Your supervising teacher will evaluate your contributions this week. Their evaluation is worth 60% of your marking period 4 grade. You will be evaluated on your: 
  1. Professionalism & Work Ethic
  2. Collaboration
  3. Use of Technology
  4. Oral & Written Communication Skills
  5. Leadership
  6. Global Awareness (are you willing to learn from your supervising teacher? Do you value and respect differences?)
  7. Career Management (Do you produce quality work? Do you show initiative?)
  8. Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
You are not REQUIRED to send an email to your supervising teacher this week. However, I recommend that you reach out to ask if there is a way that you can support your supervising teacher this week.
While I cannot accept weekly emails late at this point, you may use this week to complete missing assignments, including: 
  • Project Reflection
  • Resume
  • Thank you letter/email
I hope that you have a wonderful summer and I would like to remind each of you that I am available for College and Career related support (even if you are a graduate). Send me an email or stop by my office. I can help you with: 
  • Applications
  • Resumes
  • References
  • Job Shadows (even during your senior year)
  • Completion of Graduation Requirements
  • College research
  • etc.
Great job everyone! As a whole, supervising teachers have been impressed with your work ethic and contributions.
Ms. Schmidt